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Goldstein Law is a business-savvy Toronto law and real estate advisory firm that is engaged by property owners and tenants to assist with a variety of real estate-related matters, including advising on purchases, sales, and leases, and acting as legal counsel in the event of real estate litigation.  Our services include the following:

Real Estate Advisory 

In addition to our real estate litigation practice, we are engaged by property owners for strategic advisory purposes.  Specifically, our principal lawyer has experience with:

  • Expropriation law;
  • Real estate litigation and valuations;
  • Preparing properties for sale including property condition surveys, environmental and geotechnical reports, and normalizing financial statements;
  • Acting with commercial real estate brokerage partners to list, market, sell, and transact your property;
  • Commercial lease negotiations;
  • Zoning and planning issues;
  • Applying for Above-Guideline Rental Increases (AGI’s);
  • Property management services including property renovations and maintenance/repair issues.

The strength of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) real estate market in recent years has made the real estate market a breeding ground for real estate litigation disputes.  Real estate breaches of contract are all too common in our local housing market; primarily due to the frenetic changes in house prices that we have experienced over the last number of years.

Real Estate Disputes

Goldstein Law has experience working with residential and commercial purchasers, vendors, landlords, tenants, real estate agents, insurers, and otherwise with respect to a wide variety of real estate issues.  Our real estate dispute lawyers employ a business-minded approach to obtain efficient and cost-effective results for clients in connection with their real estate issue.

Our expertise relates primarily to the following:

  • Aborted transactions;
  • Pre-construction condo disputes;
  • Breach of lending commitments;
  • Expropriation-related disputes;
  • Enforcement of agreements of purchase and sale;
  • Financing issues;
  • Landlord and tenant disputes;
  • Lease terminations

If you are embroiled in a real estate dispute or seek our real estate advisory services, please contact us today at 647-838-6740 or email Jeff Goldstein at jeff@goldsteinlawyers.ca for a free consultation on your matter.