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Mississauga Employment Lawyer – Goldstein Law Firm

Jeff Goldstein is an employment lawyer in Mississauga. Our company is dedicated to helping people resolve their work disputes, and has developed excellent strategies to negotiate severance packages for employees who have been wrongfully dismissed. Have you lost your job? Jeff’s proactive approach helps clients get the best possible result without overcomplicating their lives. Our team at Goldstein Law Firm will help you explore your legal options and ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your file and specific situation. Here are three ways Goldstein Law serves their clients:



Since Goldstein Law’s main area of focus is employment law, they are well aware of the different situations and arguments that can arise from the other party’s position. Jeff Goldstein has represented many clients and uses his past experiences to creatively tailor a solution to you and strengthen your case. If you are looking for the best possible result for your case, it is important to look for an employment lawyer who not only knows the legal rights by the book but also has the experience to come up with the best possible solution for you.



During your first meeting with Jeff Goldstein, he will be able to review your file and give you legal advice based on your needs. After meeting with him, you will be able to have a much better understanding of the different approaches you can take to get the best outcome that fits you. He will go over the pros and cons of your position and show you where you have leverage and the different alternatives that you can take. Not only that but he will also be able to show you what it’s going to cost. Some lawyers go by an hourly rate or have rates based on their results. Our company knows that it’s important for the client to understand the costs involved with their specific file. Jeff Goldstein often works on a contingency basis which means no fees until you win – like all your favourite lawyers!



Jeff Goldstein is the director of the law firm but is also the lawyer that has the experience in employment law. Sometimes if you contact an employment law firm, after your initial consultation they will assign a newer lawyer to handle your case that doesn’t have as much experience as you initially expected. This will dramatically impact the outcome that’s possible for you if your lawyer doesn’t have the same level of confidence in being able to put together a strong case for you. You don’t get the same knowledge and result being represented by inexperienced lawyers. At Goldstein Law, if your file is accepted, you will be represented by Jeff Goldstein himself.


Ultimately, we know that being terminated from your place of work can be a hard point in your life. Our goal is to educate you on what is possible and provide you with a strategy that can help you win your situation while making the process as smooth as possible. Our company will provide you with a free initial consultation to show you your legal rights so you have a complete understanding of how you can move forward. If you are searching for an employment lawyer than contact Jeff directly for your free consultation (647)-838-6740.