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Goldstein Law provides employment law and real estate dispute legal services in Toronto.

We provide employment law services primarily to employees who have been terminated from their employment.

Goldstein law assists employees that have been dismissed from their employment. We will determine whether the severance package offered by your former employer complies with the employers’ legal obligations and fully satisfies your legal rights. In order to determine your entitlement to severance pay, we require your biographical information along with specific employment-related information and documentation.

An employees entitlement to severance pay is determined by both statute (the Employment Standards Act in Ontario, which sets the minimum rights and obligations in the workplace) and the common law, which is judge-made law, or commonly referred to as precedent. Thousands of precedents in Ontario have been established to determine the amount of severance pay a particular employee is entitled to in the circumstances. Though no two employees are identical, a series of factors are considered by the Court to determine what amount of severance would be considered reasonable in the circumstances (also called “reasonable notice”). The factors that are considered in determining your reasonable notice are as follows:

(1) Age – more senior employees are likely to have more trouble obtaining alternate employment; accordingly, longer periods of severance are typically awarded to terminated employees of more advanced age;

(2) Length of Service – those employees with a longer duration of service whom have shown dedication to a company and have not had experience in searching for jobs or networking with prospective employers are typically awarded longer reasonable notice periods;

(3) Position in the Organization – more senior level employees are awarded greater reasonable notice periods as it will typically be more challenging for them to obtain comparable alternate employment rather than lower-level workers;

(4) Specialization – employees working in highly specialized positions are typically entitled to larger reasonable notice periods as it will be more challenging to find another job given the limited transferability of their skill sets.

Many factors come in to play in determining the amount of severance pay an employee is entitled to. Accordingly, it is important that you consult with a skilled and experienced employment lawyer before signing back any termination documents.

At Goldstein Law, We will review your severance package and any associated documentation without charge to determine whether you have a case for wrongful dismissal. Please click the following links to learn more about our areas of specialization: employment law, real estate disputes, and expropriation law.

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