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We are an employment law firm in Toronto that exclusively represents employees in employment law disputes in Toronto. Our employment lawyer is primarily retained to assist clients with terminations from employment and severance package negotiations. Accordingly, if you have recently been terminated from your employment without cause, or for alleged just cause, from your employment, contact our employment lawyer in Ontario to discuss your legal rights and obligations.

Losing your job can be a very stressful experience. Documents provided by your employer on the termination of your employment can be confusing and filled with legal jargon. The terms contained in a termination letter and Full and Final Release are generally confusing to laypeople employees. In order to ensure that you have been offered fair notice and severance, you should contact an employment lawyer.

At Goldstein Law, we will review your severance package for free, and advise if the employer has provided you with all forms of compensation that you are entitled to on the termination of employment.

There is no obligation and all of our discussions will remain strictly confidential.

Never sign back a severance offer without first seeking legal advice about the matter. Employers will usually offer an insufficient severance package in hopes that the employee signs it back without consulting with an employment lawyer. We are an employment law firm based in Toronto that has assisted hundreds of employees to obtain enhanced severance packages, primarily due to the fact that employers are not upholding their legal obligations when terminating employees from their employment.

Whether an employer wrongfully terminates an employee for just cause, where no cause for termination exists, or where the employer does not provide reasonable notice of termination or pay in lieu thereof in the context of a termination without cause, we have the experience to guide terminated employees through the negotiation and litigation process in order to obtain a successful result.

Contact us and avoid making the mistake of accepting an insufficient severance package. It is best to engage in a free consultation with an employment lawyer to learn of your legal rights and entitlements before signing back the initial severance offer from the employer.

If you would rather advise us of your legal issues in writing, please feel free to fill out our confidential contact form here and an employment lawyer will respond to your inquiry shortly or call us for a free consultation at (647) 838-6740.

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