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Our Employment Lawyers In Toronto Help You Understand Your Rights As An Employee.

It may not always be clear what your employee rights are, or what obligations your employer must provide under Canada’s or Ontario’s labour laws.  That’s why when it comes to dismissal, disability, severance pay or any other legal matters, it’s always best to consult with a skilled and experienced employment lawyer.  Our Toronto Employment Lawyers make it their mission to partner with employees to ensure that employers throughout Ontario are treating their staff fairly and equitably in the workplace, and that you as an employee, feel safe and respected in your workplace.

Our Toronto Firm Educates Employees On Employer Obligations Under The Employment Laws of Ontario and Canada

As an employee, you are entitled to certain benefits under employment law standards and guidelines. Employment law is what we do, and we take our job very seriously. We work with employees who find themselves involved in labour and employment law disputes anywhere in Ontario.  Our Toronto employment lawyers will protect your employment rights under the law. We have built a solid and public reputation for ensuring that our clients receive any legal benefits and entitlements owed to them.  Whether you have been fired from your job, laid off or you’re experiencing harassment in the workplace, we help you stand up to your employer and advise you on all aspects of your case. Our team of skilled Toronto Employment Lawyers will advocate for you. We also handle all workplace and employment issues related to Covid. Contact our Toronto employment lawyers.  We are recognized as one of Toronto’s leading firms, advocating for YOUR rights.  We partner with you to give you a voice.

Employment Law, Understand Your Employee Labour Rights In Ontario.

We are an employment law firm in Toronto that exclusively represents employees in employment law disputes. Our Toronto employment lawyer is primarily retained to assist clients with terminations from employment and severance package negotiations. Accordingly, if you have recently been terminated from your employment without cause, or for alleged just cause, from your employment, contact our employment lawyer in Ontario to discuss your legal rights and obligations.


Losing your job can be a very stressful experience. Documents provided by your employer on the termination of your employment can be confusing and filled with legal jargon. The terms contained in a termination letter and Full and Final Release are generally confusing to laypeople employees. In order to ensure that you have been offered fair notice and severance, you should contact our employment lawyer Toronto based firm. We provide prompt and professional service.



At Goldstein Law, we will review your severance package for free, and advise if the employer has provided you with all forms of compensation that you are entitled to on the termination of employment.

There is no obligation and all of our discussions will remain strictly confidential.

Covid-19 and Disability: Is Your Employment Affected? Our Toronto Employment Lawyers Can Help

There is a lot of uncertainty and economic impact as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the total impact has yet to be recognized.  If your employer has laid you off or dismissed you from your workplace due to the Covid 19 pandemic, or you are having trouble qualifying for disability, contact our employment law team.  If you have been unable to work due to Covid-19, call our skilled and experienced Toronto lawyers.  As employment law specialists,  we’re here to help ensure that your employee rights are protected.

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