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Expropriation Law, Employment & Real Estate Litigation Experts

Goldstein Law Represents Property Owners and Business Owners That Are Subject to Expropriation Law.

As Expropriation Law experts assisting property owners and business owners across Ontario, Goldstein Law Firm advises Property Owners, Business Owners, Commercial Tenants and Residential Tenants in Expropriation Disputes When Government Authorities Acquire Land from Private Property Owners Without Their Consent. The Expropriated Land to be Acquired by the Authorities Should Be Evaluated By Experienced Expropriation Lawyers To Determine That Full Compensation Entitlements Are Offered, including Fair Market Value, Disturbance Damages, Injurious affection, Business Losses, Interest, and Costs.

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Our Work Has Included The Following Expropriation Projects:

We Are An Employment Law Firm Representing Employees In Severance Package Negotiations In Ontario.

Goldstein Law Is an Employment Law Firm Based In Toronto, That Has Successfully Represented Thousands of Employees in Severance Package Disputes Across Ontario. Our Employment Lawyers Know Your Legal Rights And Will Assist You Whether You Have Been Terminated Without Cause or for Just Cause From Your Employment And Workplace.

If you have been terminated without cause from your employment in Ontario, you are entitled to termination pay and severance pay in accordance with the Employment Standards Act and reasonable notice of termination in accordance with the common law in Ontario. It is important to ensure that you have been provided with your full severance entitlement. Contact our experienced employment law firm today for a free severance package review.

Employers often terminate employees for just cause where cause does not exist at law in order to avoid severance obligations. To terminate an employee for just cause, the employee must be guilty of severe misconduct, in which case the terminated employee is not entitled to severance pay or employment insurance benefits. Contact our Toronto employment lawyers to ensure you receive the severance you deserve if you have been terminated for just cause.

Some law firms in Ontario, charge to review severance package. At our firm, our employment lawyers believe in providing free consultation and will provide you with a prompt and honest legal assessment. Send us your severance package and our employment lawyers will review it without charge and advise if the employer has provided you with all forms of compensation that you are entitled to on the termination of employment.  If you are entitled to an enhanced severance package, we typically represent terminated employees on a contingency fee basis.

Top Leading employment lawyers in Toronto and throughout Ontario. We protect your workplace legal rights. Our professional team can help employees with wrongful dismissal, disability, terminations, severance pay and more.

Our expert team of real estate litigation lawyers has a broad experience with property disputes. For any questions concerning real estate litigation legal matters, contact us to understand your rights.

Toronto's top Expropriation law firm. We Represent landowners across Ontario. Have you received a notice of expropriation in accordance with the Expropriations Act, advising that the government is going to acquire or access your property? Contact our expert expropriation lawyers today for a free consultation.

Contact Goldstein Law today for a free consultation.

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    I enjoyed working with Jeff Goldstein. Very professional and responsive.
    Eric Striegler
    Eric Striegler
    27. October, 2020.
    Having Jeff on my corner during the resolution of a real estate problem has been an excellent experience. He was really professional and reassuring, and always responsive and available. Being this a time where I was really stressed and had never been in a situation like that, Jeff's guidance through this matter was incredibly welcomed and appreciated. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation. Thank you Jeff for all your help.
    Pablo Lozano
    Pablo Lozano
    22. October, 2020.
    Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, honest, and quick to reply everything during my consultation and reviewing of my severance package whereas other lawyers gave me the run-around. It was such a great pleasure having Jeff supported me with my claim. His professionalism and knowledge helped me to receive everything I was looking for and more. Mr. Jeff is the only person to turn to when it comes to employment issues and employment law. Highly recommend! Thanks for everything you have provided and All the Best, Dear Mr. Jeff Goldstein!
    Tony Ni
    Tony Ni
    6. October, 2020.
    I contacted several lawyers after being let go from my position after 2 years. Jeff Goldstein was the only one who was always quick to respond, and was so easy to work with. He made sure all the legal jargon was in terms I could understand, and that was very greatly appreciated. I worked for a very large corporation, and Jeff didn't have any issues representing me while negotiating my severance package. I was pleased he was successful and gained additional pay from the corporation for me. I highly recommend contacting Jeff for any legal matters if you are let go from your company!
    Laura Tuttle
    Laura Tuttle
    1. September, 2020.
    As a professional lawyer, Jeff Goldstein has demonstrated a warm and high-level service spirit and upholds the fairness and justice of the Canadian legal system.
    Cao Ken
    Cao Ken
    29. August, 2020.
    Jeff helped me tremendously in recouping what I rightfully deserve from my previous employer who terminated my position during the Covid pandemic. Upon my initial conversation with Jeff, he was thorough in explaining the employment law code and review my case prior to charging any fees. He was able to advise and recommend how to proceed in the right manner. He is fair and honest, trustworthy, extremely intelligent, and was quick to respond to all my questions and concerns. Jeff is very professional and I would highly recommend him for any employment law matters you may have.
    Reuven S
    Reuven S
    10. August, 2020.
    Jeff was very generous with his time and called me right away when I submitted an inquiry about my current employment situation related to COVID. He was very informative expressing how the COVID situation has evolved with respect to employment law in these unprecedented times. It was easy conversation with Jeff and was clear from the moment I talked with him that he had my best interest in mind. He is trustworthy and I highly recommend him even if just looking for advice as he'll help steer you in the right direction. Thank you Jeff !
    2. August, 2020.
    Excellent Services! Jeff Goldstein is a real professional lawyer and a great pleasure to work with. He is very responsive and has great expertise in employment law. Highly recommended for his services!
    Bailey Pei
    Bailey Pei
    24. July, 2020.