Goldstein law assists employees that have been dismissed from their employment. Whether you have been terminated for cause or without cause, we will determine whether the severance package offered by your former employer complies with the employers’ legal obligations and fully satisfies your legal rights, or whether you have been subject to a wrongful dismissal. See our employment law services here.  

If you own property in Ontario and have been notified of a pending expropriation under the Expropriations Act, we can assist you in all stages of the expropriation process, including whether a Hearing of Necessity is advisable, reviewing offers of compensation, and guiding you through the expropriation process to maximize your compensation. See more on our expropriation law services here.

Expropriation Lawyer & Real Estate Disputes

We provide consultations related to expropriation law matters in Ontario and in respect of real estate disputes pertaining to residential and commercial property owners engaged in disputes. Specifically; breaches of contracts, real estate agent negligence, expropriation law, and municipal law related matters.

Employment Lawyer in Toronto

We provide free consultations to discuss your legal rights pertaining to workplace issues and real estate disputes. Goldstein Law Firm has negotiated resolutions to various complex employment-related issues (including hundreds of thousands in additional severance pay for terminated employees).

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