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As Expropriation Law experts serving Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, we offer advice to property and business owners and commercial/residential tenants in the following matters:

  • Expropriation Disputes 
  • Non-consensual land acquisition of private property by government bodies
  • Evaluation of expropriated land acquisition activities by authorities 
  • Determining fair compensation entitlements for land takeovers with metrics such as:
    • Fair market value
    • Disturbance damages
    • Injurious affection
    • Business income losses
    • Interests and costs

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  • Review expropriation documentation and provide advice on options to modify the taking, if possible
  • Assist with the retention of proper experts and consultants such as appraisers, business valuators, environmental engineers, planners, etc.
  • Advice on proper expropriation strategy, in order to maximize the amount of compensation, and minimize the taxes payable on the compensation
  • Provide advice and assistance in dealing with tenants, mortgagees and other entities also affected by the expropriation
  • Prepare submissions to and attend at Hearings of Necessity, if necessary
  • Negotiate and review agreements and documents required in the expropriation process
  • Negotiate possession and compensation, with a focus on minimizing tax liability 
  • Act in connection with adjudication of compensation before the Ontario Land Tribunal and the courts, if necessary
  • Prepare for and attend before the courts, if necessary


How Does Expropriation Work?

As defined in the Expropriations Act, expropriation is the taking of land by the government in the exercise of its statutory power, without the consent of the property owner. In Ontario, a variety of public entities, including the provincial government and all municipalities, have the power to expropriate land. 

Historically, all land in Canada belonged to the Crown. Large sections of that land were subsequently sold to private citizens or corporations for use. 
Expropriation occurs when the government determines that it requires some or all of that land back for public use. Examples of public use include construction, creation, or expansion of:

  • Highways;
  • Other transportation systems (i.e. light rail, subway, railroad tracks, etc.);
  • Public utility work (i.e. water, hydro, etc.);
  • Airports;
  • Parks; and/or
  • Municipal boundaries.


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