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Legal Fees in Expropriation Law Matters

The Expropriations Act in Ontario allows for claimants to be reimbursed for any legal fees incurred through the expropriation process, as long as they have been awarded 85.0% or more of the compensation that was originally offered by the expropriating authorities. The Expropriations Act will cover reasonable legal, appraisal, and professional fees that are associated with the expropriation.

In our expropriation law practice, clients can retain our expert expropriation law counsel without paying any fees out-of-pocket. We also have a team of advisors, including business valuators, land use planners, and appraisers, that may necessarily be engaged through the expropriation process, whose reasonable fees will be covered by the expropriating authorities. Accordingly, if your property is in the midst of an expropriation, it is best to consult with a qualifying expropriations lawyer as the Expropriations Act protects clients against the payment of substantial out-of-pocket legal and professional fees.

What Are An Employment Lawyers Fees?

Employers will typically underpay your severance package, relative to your entitlements under the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) and common law in Ontario, as the employer hopes that a terminated employee will not seek legal advice to enforce their rights to a full severance package. If you hire an employment lawyer and your severance package does not comply with all statutory and common law obligations, you are likely to receive substantial additional funds from your former employer. Goldstein Law Firm has collected 100’s of thousands in additional funds for clients in employment disputes.

Free Consultations

We are, of course, always asked – what are your fees?  Fortunately enough, clients do not experience “sticker shock” when we explain our fee structure. Firstly, there is no obligation and the initial consultation is free. If you would rather advise us of your legal issues in writing, please feel free to fill out our confidential contact form here and Mr. Goldstein will respond to your inquiry shortly (without charge).

Contingency Fees

In the majority of employment law cases, we are retained on the basis of a free consultation and we typically charge clients on a contingency fee basis (i.e., a percentage of funds we recover on your behalf) in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). If we are unsuccessful in negotiating a settlement or obtaining a more successful court judgment than originally offered by the employer, you will not be required to pay our legal fees*. Our fee structure is subject to exceptions depending on your case.

Employers Pay a Portion of Legal Fees

In the context of wrongful dismissal claims, employers are typically required to reimburse at least a portion of the legal costs incurred by the employee; accordingly, more monies will go into your pocket at the settlement of your case, and we are always sure to request employer payment of employees legal fees that arise from challenging the termination of employment.

For more employment law questions, feel free to contact Goldstein Law directly for an explanation of our fee structure.

*In the context of litigation in Ontario, an adverse costs award system require the losing party to pay a portion of the successful parties legal fees. In the event we commence a lawsuit to recover monies for you, we will explain in further detail the potential cost consequences.