Goldstein Law is proud to offer family law services to its clients, including but not limited to the following services:

-Drafting Cohabitation and Separation Agreements – obtain agreements in writing from a family lawyer to prevent any surprises;
-Domestic Contracts;
-Family Law and Mediation – litigation is not the only option available to you;
-Child custody;
-Spousal Support;
-Property Division – not all assets are treated the same upon divorce. We will assist you in securing the assets that you are legally entitled to; and
-Considerations for common-law couples vs. married couples.

Our family lawyer can assist you in understanding your rights in connection with the matrimonial home early on. This is crucial to ensure a fair division of property and to secure your position on child custody and spousal support. Contact Goldstein Law for a consultation today to discuss your family law matter in further detail.