Expropriations can involve permanent purchases of fee simple interests in land (full taking or partial taking of land). 

In other words, the government will involuntarily purchase your property, and you, as property or business owner, are obliged to accept this decision, subject to the right to appoint an inquiry officer to investigate whether the expropriation is sound, fair, and reasonably necessary in light of the public purpose.  

The public purpose is typically an infrastructure project that the government is implementing for the public benefit, with detriment to those expropriated property owners.

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Commercial Leasing Disputes

Goldstein Law’s leasing dispute practice assists both landlords and tenants with cost-effective and results-oriented litigation support. Our firm has acted on behalf of landlords and tenants who have leases relating to office, retail and mixed-use property.

The key areas of expertise include:

  • Breaches of contracts and agreements
  • Landlord and tenant lease disputes, problems with interpretation (i.e., around repairs and maintenance, assignments and subletting, etc.)
  • Operating cost disputes
  • Rental payments or collection of arrears
  • Remedies for Breach of Lease;
  • Subleasing;
  • Property Improvements;
  • Lease Renewals and Extensions;
  • Demolition Clauses;
  • Additional Rent Reconciliation Disputes;
  • General Lease Negotiations;
  • Above-Guideline Rental Increases (AGI’s).

If you are a property owner or tenant involved in a commercial lease dispute in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), contact our real estate litigation law firm today for a free consultation.