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Examples of Recent Cases:

-57-year old bank executive with 20-years experience offered severance package that did not include bonus payments for the reasonable notice period. Obtained approximately $50,000 more in bonus payments and other compensation for client;

A 61-year-old factory worker with 7 years’ experience dismissed for cause due to “misconduct towards the employer.”  Obtained a severance package in the amount of 7-months pay after the employer initially offered zero;

-Obtained 6-months of severance pay after a 45-year-old box cutter was laid-off from his employment, which was not authorized in the employment contract, and is contrary to the common law; 

-Obtained 13-months of severance pay for a 51 y/o hospital worker after being offered 6.5 months of severance.

-Obtained 10-months severance for a 47-year-old government worker after offered 6 months (approximately a $45,000 increase in compensation).

-Obtained 5 months’ pay for a bank employee that was unable to return to work due to a medical condition and who was terminated for alleged cause due to absenteeism.